Free Alabama Movement (FAM)


Our objective is to provide online content, educational material, and support to family members, activists, and other organizations in furtherance of our efforts to connect the “FREEDOM MOVEMENT”, which is the National Movement Against Mass Incarceration and Prison Slavery, to Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas in the South, and California and Illinois.

Our goal is to start a Chapter of the “FREEDOM MOVEMENT” in each of these States, where we organize work-strikes/­shutdowns of all prison labor, in a Non-Violent and Peaceful Protest for Civil and Human Rights.

We promote legislation that is drafted by the men and women on the inside in each State in a document we call our “FREEDOM BILL”, with an emphasis on Education, Rehabilitation and Re-Entry Preparedness.

Each State will draft their Freedom Bill catered towards relief from the laws that are being used to promote mass incarceration and prison slavery.

Website: Free Alabama Movement (blog with news updates) and

F.A.M.’s Freedom Bill