Who am I? I am the struggle

Comrade Kado
Comrade Kado

By Noah “Kado” Coffin

How many can claim that they come from the Bottom, from the Slums-n-the Back streets? Who knows what it’s like to be a statistic?? Taking lunch at the local Church with Mom-n-your five brothers-n-sisters, GoodwillTennis’-n-handed downs to wear at the schoolhouse that you’ll probably only attend for a year… No Pops at the house -n- Mom’s a part time bar[..] workin’ two jobs to keep foodbank peanut butter-n- parade bread in the pantry… The utilities been on in all the kids’ names -n- Mom’s headed to the pen for a bid, leavin’ Big Brother to play dad the best way he can.

Just when you hit rock bottom then you fall through a hole in the floor -n- you fall through a hole in that floor some more… (Juggalos can ya’ hear me?). If you ever slept in the local park or kicked in a vacant apartment to get outta the cold-n-rain, or walked through the supermarket [eating ] as you go-n- not givin’ a fuck who sees – darin’ someone to stop you… Then you can say you know what the struggle is like.

It’s sad as hell when you land in Juvy or the County Jail and relax because you know where you’ll lay your head & that food is sure as the sunrise… Sadder still that those circumstances are seemingly by design. Oh it’s doable, I got a Big Brother who’s living proof, but you throw down the odds -n- you become statistically handicap with those same odds stacked against you… Gettin’ that first trip to the Jailhouse tripples those odds -n- then you got the struggle for real… Turn key operation – Prison Nation

Pay attention to the big scheme of things -n- you’ll see the pattern: Kush, K2 & Bath salt was sold at every local corner store in the hood (yeah, the low rent slums), for pocket change & it was “non-narcotic,” which meant it didn’t pop up in a piss test so all the fools breakin’ their back for pennies on the dollar got after it… That shit took America by storm & now look!! Now that people are hooked it’s classified level one narcotic & all those “statistics” are headed down here to visit me… As the odds get stacked-n-stacked the chances get smaller -n- smaller for a shot until they’re astronomical.. There’s plenty of snares set out for the Statistic & this is just “in brief”…
Keep the struggle alive – fight the power!
In Love & Rage,
Noah Kado Coffin

Feb 2018

Author: United-to-Fight-Prison-Slavery

United to Fight Prison Slavery